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Day School

Our Day School serves K4-12 children of our Landmark Church family and others who wish to benefit from education in a Christian atmosphere. Each child's academic achievement is diagnosed and placed at that academic subject level. The A. C. E. curriculum which allows your child to achieve at his or her level without being in competition with another student.

Home School

If you are a parent who needs a Home School curriculum which is pre-packaged and recognized by the State of Tennessee then we can assist you. The A. C. E. (Accelerated Christian Education) School of Tomorrow curriculum will provide you with all the materials, (manuals, texts, keys, tests, etc) so you can begin immediately. You can also be assured that your child is receiving an education that will prepare them academically for their future.

Home Schooling : A Christian Educational Alternative

THANK YOU for your interest in our LANDMARK CHRISTIAN HOME SCHOOL. You are among the growing number of parents, nationally and worldwide, who are recognizing the need for Christ-centered educational programs for their children. Many parents are searching for an educational alternative which develops their child socially, morally, and spiritually, .... as well as academically.

Whatever your reason, we at LANDMARK CHRISTIAN SCHOOL can provide you with an individualized Christian value-based academic curriculum which has been proven world-wide. It is in use in over 7000 schools, 100 countries, and more than 50,000 Home Schools.

We can begin your child's educational plan with diagnostic tests to determine his or her academic levels of achievement in Math, English, Reading, and Spelling. From these tests and records, an educational program will be prescribed to meet your child's specific needs; rather than his or her chronological age or grade level.

The Administration believes that LANDMARK CHRISTIAN SCHOOL has been established to assist Parents in their task of "training up the child in the way that he should go."

Contact us today by mail or phone to take more control in educating your child in our Home-School program.

LANDMARK CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is one of the more than 120 Category IV Schools recognized by the State of Tennessee to provide Academic and Christian education.
We use the Accelerated Christian Education Program - A.C.E. and have been operating since 1990.


Our K-12 CURRICULUM is written by Christian teachers and educators from a Bible-based moral climate of absolutes. Parents with High School Diplomas or G.E.D.'s can be involved in their children's learning, without needing to "prepare daily lesson plans".

DIAGNOSTIC TESTING determines what ability level the student has actually reached academically in each subject. This is where he should begin working for successful progress.

SELF-INSTRUCTIONAL means the student can do most of the lessons independently with a minimum of Teaching, and without the need for detailed daily lesson plans.

SELF-PACED allows students at all different levels of ability and motivation to make progress through the academic material at their own natural rate of learning.

MASTERY LEARNING is a principle that a student is ready to learn skills and concepts when he has mastered previous skills and concepts. An 80% minimum score is required on each quiz and test to complete the unit.

LEARNER- BASED systems of learning put the emphasis upon what the student is learning rather than upon what the teacher is teaching. The teacher is responsible for supervision of progress, with a one-to-one, teacher-student learning climate.

EVERY STUDENT CAN SUCCEED because the academic material is easily adapted to the ability of most students, ...from the below average to those who are gifted. All students are challenged.


A Phonics based Learning-to-Read program
Diagnostic Testing in Academics
California Achievement Testing
Computerized Reading Program
A State of Tennessee Recognized Private School Curriculum
Tennessee Professional Educator evaluation of tests
High School Diploma upon completion
General, & College Preparatory Courses
Quarterly progress reports
Academic assistance by phone or letter
Financial options
Up-to-date records for each student
A Friendly staff
A Non-Secular, Non-Humanist Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum


(Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Spelling, PE, Electives, usually 5-7 subjects)
(High School "BLOCK schedule" students typically have 4 subjects)

2-STUDENTS CHECKS OUT their A.C.E Books, Daily Score Keys, & Tests


4-STUDENTS TURN IN ALL ASSIGNMENT Books, Daily Score Keys, & Tests

5-STUDENTS RECEIVE A NEW 3 WEEK set of assignments.

6-SCHOOL STAFF GRADES the Tests during the 3 weeks.

7-PARENTS & STUDENTS SEE TEST SCORES when they return in 3 weeks


PRE-SCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN (Manuals, Textbooks, Answer Keys, & Tests)
Math English Science Social Studies Word Building

ELEMENTARY COURSES IN : ( Textbooks, Answer Keys, & Tests)
Math ~ English ~ Science ~ Social Studies ~ Word Building
Literature ~ Creative Writing ~ Music

HIGH SCHOOL COURSES IN : (Textbooks, Answer Keys & Tests)
Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus
Language: Etymology, English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12; Spanish 1 & 2
Social Studies: World History, World Geography, US History, Civics, Economics
Science: Life Science, Earth Science, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics
Misc: Typing, Music, Health, PE, Bible, Art, Literature, Work Study / Co-op
Business: Business Math, Office Tech, Computer Tech, G.E.D. Prep

(are usually the same as your home county)

As a Tennessee Category IV school we endeavor to hold Tennessee students to Tennessee Category I minimum graduation requirements of 22 credits. We attempt to match the credit requirements of your home-town school system.

Tennessee High School Graduation Minimum Requirements of 22 credits began with Students entering High School in the fall of 2009.

Landmark Christian Day School and Home School attempts to follow these credit requirements understanding some students may not be able to complete some upper level courses.

Our Bradley County / Cleveland City students are held to the following credits in the majority of instances.

Total Credits Required: 28 credits
Math: 4 credits
English: 4 credits
Social Studies: 4 credits
Science: 3 credits
P.E & Wellness: 1.5 credits
Personal Finance: .5 credit
Foreign Language: 2 credits
Fine Arts: 1 credit
Electives: 8 credits

Direct all inquiries about curriculum and current fees to:

LandMark Christian School
1802 Lois Street
Cleveland, TN 37311
administrator : R. Hyde
phone : (423)-478-1545
fax : (423) 339-1883
email : laronhyde@yahoo.com

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