The Administration believes that LANDMARK CHRISTIAN SCHOOL has been established to assist Parents in their task of "training up the child in the way that he should go."

Helping Parents Fulfill Their Responsibility in Schooling their Children.

Our school history is that of over 25 years in the public school arena as a teacher and a couple of years as an administrator. In the early 1990’s we began a traveling preaching in a evangelistic ministry which created a need for us to acquire textbooks for our four children in the middle and high school grades.

In the beginning we borrowed textbooks from the public schools in which our children had been enrolled. It worked. But, it had draw-backs since I was the only certified and experienced teacher in the family. Later we found several christian home-school curriculums written by christian educators for parents who wished to teach their children at home. After a time I chose the A.C.E. - School of Tomorrow curriculum out of Lewisville, TX.

Over 20 years later, we still use the A.C.E. curriculum because parents who are non-teacher-certified and non-college graduates can use it with confidence that there children are learning all the educational curricula they need to stand shoulder to shoulder with their public school counterparts.

Since those early years in the 90’s our children never returned to the secular public school classroom, even though I did work there again. I personally ended up teaching my last 10 years before retirement in the public school classroom while pastoring a church and supervising A.C.E. church-related day-school and home-school programs. My experience with Christian schooling included home-schooling our children, and administering and teaching in several church-related schools using the A.C.E. curriculum.

Retirement from the public sector has placed me as a full-time administrator of our LCS christian day-school and dealing personally with hundreds of parents who have all kinds of reasons for withdrawing their children from the public school system.

In the beginning, as a public school science and math teacher, I was a little skeptical about the A.C.E. curriculum. However, since those early years, all of my questions have been laid to rest about its effectiveness and validity as a home-school education. I am an advocate for A.C.E. for any Parent attempting to Home School their children. It will accomplish all they wish for their children without the loss of great amounts of research time. A.C.E. fills the need for parents and is easy for them to utilize effectively in educating their children at home.

Now, 20 years later, there are many programs and curriculums for parents to choose from. Parents can feel confident there are many christian written educational programs out there which will prepare their children for their futures within a secular world. If not sure, start with the A.C.E. It makes parents jobs easier and works at all levels.

Students have graduated from our LCS A.C.E. school program with a
Landmark Christian School High School Diploma which has been accepted by employment services, colleges, universities, technical schools, and the U.S. military. My own children did. All entered Austin Peay University, the University of Tennessee and the Air Force. We speak from experience. Give us a call, maybe we can help you in some way to help educate your child out-side of the public school system.

Please feel free to contact us for further information at 423-478-1545.

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