Questions ? .... Questions ....? Questions ....?

Do I need a college degree?

Can I do this without teaching experience?

Am I qualified to have a home school for my children?

Will they get high school diploma?

What about being accredited?

Should I use public school or christian textbooks?

Will colleges and universities accept my child's degree?

Will the military accept it?

How can I know what to teach?

What about grade cards?

How much will home-schooling cost me?

Who do I listen too?

How can I be sure I am not skipping something really important?

Can I home school with only a high school education?

Parents typically are not sure how to proceed to start home schooling. Just take a deep breath. We will lead you through it.

Lots of questions?

We should be able to answer most of your questions. Starting over 20 years ago, We asked these same questions when we started home-schooling our children. After working in the public school as an elementary and high school teacher and administrator and attaching to those experiences over 20 years experience with teaching and administering christian private schools and home school programs... I now feel much more confident on the subject. If

You can read all these answers right now at our.... "Frequently Asked Questions" link.
Thank you for your interest in Landmark Christian School. As Parents, Educators, and Ministers ... LCS attempts to serve the schooling needs of K-12 students.

You have several choices...from simply purchasing school materials, needing supervision enrollment for your home school, full-time home school enrollment or full-time private christian day school enrollment.

Please feel free to contact us for further information....423-478-1545
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1__Purchasing A.C.E. Paces-Keys-Materials

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4__Starting a Home School Program in my home

5__LCS Christian Day School Enrollment

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