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Thank you for your interest in Landmark Christian School. As Parents, Educators, and Ministers ... LCS attempts to serve the educational & schooling needs of K-12 students.
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| Purchasing A.C.E. Accelerated Christian Ed. Materials

Purchasing A.C.E. school materials from us allows Independent Home Educators to have the freedom to choose there own scope and sequence in planning their child's educational program.

It gives parents confidence knowing their children are using the same A.C.E. materials as over 1 million other children are every school day around the world. Using A.C.E. materials saves time for parents, reduces parent anxiety about covering the appropriate learning areas and builds parent confidence in preparing their child educationally for their next step in life ...vocational classes, college, university or military service.
Which colleges?

When purchasing materials, there are no enrollment or registration or membership fees.
Parents may purchase at any time throughout the year.
Delivery can be as early as that day; ...but, usually no later than 7-14 days.

Parents may purchase A.C.E. materials such as; GOAL CARDS, STAR CHARTS, PACES, SCORE KEYS, and LITERATURE BOOKS.

A.C.E. Order Catalog contains 1st-12th grade materials that usually vary from $250-$350 per grade.

Purchases may be only a few pieces, ... a three-week block of subject assignments, ...or a complete 9 month grade level block of materials.

Typically A.C.E.'s 5 core subjects include: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, & Word Building.

Each Subject Includes: 12 Pace-Workbooks, 12 Tests, & 4 Score Keys.

Materials may be ordered by calling ....
1-423-478-1545 ~ Mon -Thurs ~ 8am - 2pm ~ ET

Materials may be Picked-Up or Shipped.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and advise .
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