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Thank you for your interest in Landmark Christian School. As Parents, Educators, and Ministers ... LCS attempts to serve the educational & schooling needs of K-12 students.
You have several choices...one is ..
| Part-Time Enrollment

Students often come from other schools, usually neighboring public high schools, wanting 1 or 2 courses to fill credit gaps so the student can graduate on time. Sometimes it is a whole semester. We work with
9 month and Block schedule high schools. (...We taught in both!)

This may be a
partial registration or a full registration. It depends on the needs of the guidance office of the participating school :

There is usually an
Enrollment Fee (partial or whole) and a Tuition Fee which will include All Materials : Paces, Tests, Score Keys. This also includes Guidance, Parent Training, Student Instructions, Grading, Credit Recovery, & Transcripts.

1 Credit - High School Course is ...+- $180-$200 for Full Registration.
see a course list...

For Materials & Questions call ....1-423-478-1545 (Mon -Thur: 8am - 2pm ET)
Please feel free to contact us for further information and advise ....423-478-1545

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