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Thank you for your interest in Landmark Christian School. As Parents, Educators, and Ministers ... LCS attempts to serve the schooling needs of K-12 students.

Parents typically are not sure how to proceed to start home schooling. Just take a deep breath. We will lead you through it. Remember we did it. We can help you.
| Purchasing A.C.E. Accelerated Christian Ed. Materials

Purchasing A.C.E. school materials from us allows Independent Home Educators to have the freedom to choose there own scope and sequence, in planning their child's educational program.

It gives parents confidence knowing their children are using the same materials as over 1 million other children are using every school day around the world. Parents save so much time and diminish their anxiety levels by knowing their child will be able to go college after their A.C.E. High School education is complete.
Which colleges?

When purchasing materials, there are no enrollment or registration or membership fees.
Parents may purchase at any time throughout the year.
Delivery can be as early as that day; ...but, usually no later than 7-14 days.

You may purchase A.C.E. materials such as; GOAL CARDS, STAR CHARTS, PACES, SCORE KEYS, and LITERATURE BOOKS.

A.C.E. Order Catalog contains 1st-12th grade materials that vary from $250-$350 per grade.

Purchases may be only a few pieces, ... a three-week block of subject assignments, ...or a complete 9 month grade level block of materials.

Typically A.C.E.'s 5 core subjects include: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, & Word Building.

Each Subject Includes: 12 Pace-workbooks, 12 Tests, & 4 Score Keys.

Materials may be ordered by calling ....1-423-478-1545 (Mon -Thur: 8am - 2pm)

Materials may be Picked-Up or Shipped.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and advise . order...
| Part-Time Enrollment

Students often come from other schools, usually neighboring public high schools, wanting 1 or 2 courses to fill credit gaps so the student can graduate on time. Sometimes it is a whole semester. We work with 9 month and Block schedule high schools. (...We taught in both!)

This may be a
partial registration or a full registration. It depends on the needs of the guidance office of the participating school :

There is usually an
Enrollment Fee (partial or whole) and a Tuition Fee which will include All Materials : Paces, Tests, Score Keys. This also includes Guidance, Parent Training, Student Instructions, Grading, Credit Recovery, & Transcripts.

1 Credit - High School Course is ...+- $180-$200 for Full Registration.
see a course list...

For Materials & Questions call ....1-423-478-1545 (Mon -Thur: 8am - 2pm - ET)

| Register Your Home School Program with Us

1. Parents of Independent Home-Schoolers register with their local school boards prior to their school term’s official opening. Please check with your local school board for cut-off dates. Parents of K-8 students need a High School or GED diploma.
Parents of high school students need a college degree. But, ...
LCS can help you start a satellite home school if your education level does not meet those requirements.

Parents choose & purchase their own teaching materials

Parents Notify LCS of their chosen curriculum.

Parents plan, teach, test, and grade their student’s assignments.

Parents Report their Child’s Progress/Grade Cards to LCS

6. Parents may
Register for Supervised Enrollment with LCS at any time.

Enrollment Fee is... $50 for the 1st Child & $25 for the 2nd Child.

For Materials & Questions call ....1-423-478-1545 (Mon -Thur: 8am - 2pm)

| Start a Satellite Home School in Your Home

LCS becomes your principal and guidance department in the use of the A.C.E. - School of Tomorrow materials for your child.

Each Parent becomes a Supervisor and Monitor of their children's work. The Administration gives each enrolling parent a short instructional tutorial showing how simple a task parent's have in partnering with LCS & A.C.E. in educating their children.

LCS gives the assignments, grades the tests, and reports the grades.

Parents may enroll any time during the school term.

Transcripts are requested and are needed before course work is decided.

Diagnostic Tests may be necessary for Placement purposes.

Paper Test: $25 Online Test: Free go to online diagnostic test

Assignments are given and due every 3 three weeks.

Enrollment Registration Fee : $80

Parent Cost is : $29 per week

Tuition is paid : weekly, 2 week, 3 week ($85), or monthly ($96) payments which is decided during the enrollment interview. (August thru May)

For Materials & Questions call ....1-423-478-1545 (Mon -Thur: 8am - 2pm)

| LCS - Christian Day-School Enrollment

Parent & Student interviews are conducted prior to acceptance.

There are Conduct, Participation, and Dress Code expectations.

Parents may enroll any time during the school term.

Transcripts will be requested and are needed before course work is decided.

Landmark Administration becomes your child’s principal.

School Attendance Records are kept.
| LCS - Summer School Enrollment

Students from Public High Schools, Private Christian Schools, and Home-School Programs are able to enroll in LCS Summer Home-School Programs. Each student may work on their subject area of need. Students usually may earn up 2 high-school credits. Transcripts will be requested and needed before course work is decided.

Landmark Administration becomes your child’s principal.
Assignments are due for grading every 3 three weeks.

Students follow the Landmark School A.C.E. educational program.
New or Non-Landmark students have Enrollment & Tuition Fees.
August 1st is usually the deadline for all work for credit recovery and credit applied to this past years transcript.

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