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Landmark Christian School is legally recognized by the State of Tennessee through its affiliation with A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) School of Lewisville, TX. Landmark Christian School was established in 1990 and is registered as one of Tennessee's more than 120 Category IV schools. We are a Church-Related School, exempt from state accreditation. We are 1 of over 7000 A.C.E. schools serving over 1 million children a day world-wide in 132 countries, ... 5000 in the USA. A.C.E. high school graduates have been accepted at colleges and universities all over Tennessee and the United States. Our DAY-SCHOOL and HOME-SCHOOL programs serve parents and students in grades K - 12.

We believe that the Bible gives the ultimate responsibility for the education of children to Parents .... who have received their children as gifts from God. (Psalms 127:35) The purpose of a private Christian School is to more fully obey Deuteronomy 6:5-7, "...And these words.... thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children." Our task is to assist our Landmark Church families and other concerned like-minded families in accomplishing this goal.

Attendance at this school is a privilege and not a right. Our goal is not to reform children, but to train youth spiritually, socially, and academically within the principles of New Testament Christianity for a life of service to the Lord Jesus Christ within a secular world. We do not apologize for our stand for the old-time Gospel and high standards of self-discipline, personal integrity, and citizenship.

We believe:
(1) The Bible to be inspired of God; the infallible Word of God. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness" (2 Tim 3:16). The Bible is the Only God-given authority which man possesses; therefore, all doctrine, faith, hope, and all instruction for the church must be based upon, and harmonize with the Bible as the 12 apostles taught the New Testament Church.

(2) The one ever-living, eternal Jehovah God was manifest in the flesh by virgin birth, in the Lord Jesus Christ, who lived a sinless life, died on the cross, was bodily resurrected, and now lives in Heaven waiting for the appointed time of his second visible coming.

(3) That the fall of man brought sin and total depravity of man upon every one of Adam’s race and that the grace of God made an atonement for sin through faith in the shed blood of Christ by repentance from sin and being born again of the water and Spirit.(Jo 3.3-5)

(4) That the grace of God which brought salvation to every born again believer teaches us that all believers should deny ungodliness, and worldly lusts, live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present age; looking for the resurrection of the dead and that eternal life which is promised to all righteous believers.

(5) That one male and one female were created by God in a marriage union to conceive children. Any form of marriage association between two members of the same sex is Biblically un-acceptable sin for Christ believers, followers, and disciples. (commonly called homosexuality)

(6) That threatening to sue or litigate any matter between believers or the church/school & believers clearly violates Biblical teaching

Our school uses the same Accelerated Christian Education curriculum (A.C.E. ) which has been used through-out the United States during the past 20 years and is presently utilized to teach Christian young people in over 7000 schools in 132 countries and more than 50,000 Home Schools. The curriculum is:


The A.C.E. curriculum recognizes the learning differences among children and uses instructional materials so each child can work at his academic level in every subject area. This allows each child to progress at his own pace and to know success at his own rate. Each enrolling child often takes a Diagnostic Placement Test so that their placement in the curriculum will be at their own level of academic achievement rather than at his or her age or grade.


The Bible, for the Christian, is the Book of Life and is the absolute upon which all human social principles are based. The students are daily exposed to scriptures as they learn Math, Science, English, History, and Spelling. Therefore, the A.C.E. materials are designed to teach "academic proficiency" as they teach Christian principles and character. This curriculum is presented in a non-denominational attitude which openly opposes and
refutes the Humanistic Philosophy upon which the public-government school systems are based. You may find out more about our A.C.E. Accelerated Christian Education curriculum by visiting or or or

Accreditation is a tool used by the state government to maintain a level of academic and facility standards in the public or government schools. This provides for a measure of consistency across the state among local school systems.

Because Landmark Christian School is not state accredited, students who transfer back into public- government schools may: (1) be required to take a placement test and (2) may not have all high school credits accepted. This is not the norm, but is allowed by state law.

Accreditation of a private school is not necessary for a graduate of that school to enroll in a college or University. University and college Registrars are interested in a student’s standardized test scores, such as the ACT or the SAT. For this reason, applicants to colleges are expected to take placement tests without regard to the name of the high school on a student’s diploma. Consequently, graduates from A.C.E. schools have been accepted by hundreds of colleges and universities.

Although we do not seek approval by secular institutions, we do endeavor to provide a high academic program for our students to aid them in successful ACT testing and college entrance tests. We have found that the A.C.E. program does just that.

To be accepted for admission to Landmark Christian School, each student agrees to be involved and participate in all Devotions, Chapels, Special Day Services, Performing Arts & Music Classes, P. E. Activities, Choirs, Field Trips, Plays, and After-School Programs. Each is an important part of the spiritual education program of Landmark Christian School.

During devotions and Chapels, Bibles are brought, read, passages memorized, students are led in worship singing songs, Biblical principles are expounded, and the Word of God may be preached by Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers or staff members. Attendance & Participation is required of all Landmark students. Students will demonstrate proper courtesy to all leaders and speakers.

All fees are USER FEES and do not purchase any materials for the students. All materials, Paces, Keys, and Books belong to the school and are to be turned in to the school. The Basic Monthly Fees cover the Paces in each subject. Students who progress at a faster rate (more subjects) and who fail a Pace, ….will have to pay extra for each Pace @ $5.00 each.)
TUITION IS for Elementary Students: 10 Payments of $165-1st child ($135-2nd ~ $115 3rd) a month.
TUITION IS for High School Students: 10 Payments of $175-1st child ($145-2nd ~ $115 3rd) a month.

TUITION is DUE on the 1st. IT is LATE after the 1st.

Other Tuition Payment Schedules are possible upon request. Discounts & Scholarships may be available.

All fees are non-refundable. There are no reimbursements of fees or a portion of fees upon early withdrawal or dismissal. All records and grades will be released when all due fees are paid and all loaned materials are returned or paid for.

Each student will need to provide his own:
Personal Bible (King James Version) Blue ballpoint pen Dictionary (paperback acceptable)
Pencils (2 at all times) Eraser (large) Notebook Paper (standard loose-leaf)
Colored Pencils Ruler 2 Boxes of Kleenex
Elementary: Scissors (rounded), Crayons, Glue Stick High School: Compass ?, Protractor ?, Calculator?
7th grade and up ----quad graph paper for Math & a Calculator

SHIRTS : collared shirts (polo or oxford)
solid color pants with belt & shirt tucked in.
Boys should be clean-shaven and with their natural-colored hair off their ears and collar. (Rat-tails, carvings, and mohawks are un-acceptable.

SKIRTS / JUMPERS: below the knee … should touch the floor when kneeling …. No slits above the knee.
collared shirts (polo or oxford) No cleavage showing.

*No …Shirts with logos-pictures, sweat pants, make-up, jewelry, ear-rings (pierced or other-wise), sleeve-less shirts, shorts, sweat-shirts with logos, bare mid-riffs, low neck-lines and jeans with holes. All are unacceptable for both the girls and the guys.
*Hats, caps, sunglasses are not to be worn inside the building. Each student should have a Red Polo Shirt for school trip days.
*Jackets & Pull-Overs may not have logos or words larger than 2” wide & 2” tall.

“THURSDAY” IS CASUAL DAY: the only denim day. Student choice. Shirt-tails may be worn out.

Landmark Christian School was conceived as a ministry of Landmark Church of Jesus. A student’s continued enrollment is based upon the cooperative support of the student and his/her parents and with compliance with the policies written in this handbook. The policies within this handbook maybe changed, updated, or revised by the school administration without notification or consultation.

Landmark Church of Jesus and School will not discriminate against members, applicants, students, and others, on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

An exception for one individual should not be assumed to apply to all. Each exception in any area of school impact applies only to that one individual in that one instance.

Our school day is from 8:00 am. to 2:30 pm. Monday thru Thursday. Friday school is held at home on Fridays for those students who failed to complete their weekly assignments by Thursday afternoon. The school doors should be open each day by 7:30 am. Students who arrive between 7:30 & 8:00 will put up their materials and take their student desk for QUIET TIME till 8:00. Students are counted tardy if they are not present and in place by 8:00 am.

We attempt to use similar attendance requirements as the local city and county school systems. Absences without a Parent Phone Call or Parent Note are logged as UN-EXCUSED ABSENCES. Student Check-out before 11:30am is considered an Absence.

When students are absent from school they should bring a written statement explaining the absence; dated and signed by the parent, to the school the next day OR the parent should call. The reason for the absence should be stated in order for it to be excused.

Notes or phone calls will excuse the 1st 'Ten' K-8 Personal Illness absences OR the 1st ' ‘Five' 9th - 12th personal absences. All Personal illness absences after the limit will require a written Doctor's Excuse or will be counted unexcused.

Excessive absences, whether excused or unexcused, in a semester may result in STUDENT PROBATION & if not corrected – DISMISSAL.

Students arriving ready to work in the classroom after 8:00, will be counted tardy for attendance purposes.
Due to our 8:00am to 2:30pm and Monday thru Thursday Schedule we encourage parents to see that students arrive at school on time and discourage requests for early check-outs other than for medical appointments and emergencies.

If the student is to leave school during the school day, the parent (or someone they have authorized) is to come inside and sign the student out on the "Check-Out Log ".

Students are given 3 free tardies per 6 weeks. All tardies above the 3rd per 6 weeks will result in after-school detention.

Students are responsible to bring a bag lunch to school each day. The school does not cook nor provide lunch. Students may use the microwave.


There are two grades for each Pace. 1 Test grade and 1 Pace Daily Work grade for each 3 weeks. There are 12 Test grades in each subject.

Students are required to do 12 Pace Units/Chapters of work for each school term in each subject. There is a 3 week (12 class days + 3 Fridays) target-deadline for the completion of each Pace Unit/Chapter. Testing at the end of each 3-week period is the slowest that a student may progress. Failed Tests may be taken over, after extra work. Tests below 60% will require a New Pace @ $5.00 cost. This extra work will be completed outside of the normal school day. Extra tests are taken after school.

Each Parent Tuition Receipt of Payment is also A GRADE CARD. It is current at each tuition payment. A more formal Grade-Card is issued each 9 weeks for Parents.

Students progressing faster than the 12 Pace Units of work will purchase the extra Paces.

93%-100% - A 85%-92% - B 76%-84% - C 70%-75% - D 69% & below –F
Failing Averages below 70% may be removed by attending Summer School.

Congratulation Slips notify parents of his/her achievement during that last week or two week period. These slips are to be signed and returned to school.

Students are promoted to the next level (or grade) dependent upon their satisfactorily accomplishing their work goals. Students are not promoted based upon school attendance.

Elementary students are ASSIGNED “12” (3-week Units) Paces in each subject in a 9 month period for promotion. Each INCOMPLETED Pace (3-week Unit of Work) at the end of the school term or at transfer is averaged in as a zero “0”. An Average below 70% fails a student in any subject or course in grades 2nd thru 8th grade.

High School students are given 1 credit upon the completion of 12 Assigned ( 3-week Units) Paces with a 70% average in each subject area. Every INCOMPLETE Assigned Pace is averaged in as a zero “0”. An average below 70% fails a student in that subject and thus earns “NO” credit.

Students learn responsibility by daily setting their own goals which will allow them to complete a minimum of 1 Pace in each subject every 3 weeks. Thus students must usually accomplish 3 to 5 pages per day in each subject to stay on schedule. Any work a student fails to complete during the school day is understood to become automatically HOMEWORK and is due to be completed by 8:00 the next morning. Students may be expected to complete a Friday assignment at home.


The Agenda is a communication tool between School & Home. It is used by both school staff and parents to keep one another informed of behavior and events. Each student is required to keep THEIR AGENDA with them at all times, …. BOTH At SCHOOL and At HOME. School Staff will oversee that Students log their daily homework assignments in their agenda each afternoon. Each Student is responsible in seeing that their Parents initial their agenda at home upon completion of the homework assignments. Demerits are earned each day the agenda is returned un-signed.

SUMMER SCHOOL is available to all students who have not passed their 12 Assigned Paces in EACH assigned subject. Summer School Tuition is at the Home School Rate per each 3 weeks. All non-passed work will become a zero “0” and averaged in by July 31st.


No books and magazines are permitted in a student's office without staff approval.

The school phone is for school business and emergencies. It is off-limits to students except in emergency situations with permission and monitoring by the school staff. Student Cell phones are not permitted in the building. Student cell phones are turned in or confiscated

All materials, furniture and property have been purchased in the name of the Lord Jesus and are expected to be treated with that respect. The abusing, defacing, marking, breaking, or destruction of church-school property can not be tolerated. Replacing of the property will be the sole responsibility of the offending student.

Real or toy guns, knives, matches, tobacco products, radios, walk-mans, I-pods, and chewing gum am not permitted on campus. A Cell phone can be considered a weapon.

Students become the responsibility of the school personnel once they arrive at the school. Therefore, students may not leave the school without staff permission during school hours, nor may they have visitors, nor leave with another person without the verbal or written consent of the parents.

All students male and female alike should keep their "hands off other students” at all times.

Students are offered more Learning Center privileges and responsibilities by their level of academic, work ethic and character. Students may earn .....fewer flags, .....extra breaks, and .....extra activities based upon attitude, homework, academic goal completion, limited detention, Bible Memorization, and Pace Averages


It should be clear that conduct away from school may be subject to school discipline as it impacts the operation of a productive daily school class atmosphere. This includes your conduct, pictures and etc on social media sites; such as FACEBOOK. When asked each student is required to submit their social media usernames and passwords for site inspections.

If at any time a child’s attitude becomes in direct opposition to school principles, the student may be placed on probation and the parents contacted for a conference. At the end of a two week probationary period the administration may dismiss the child from school. Standards of behavior will be maintained through staff kindness and genuine care; yet with discipline given fairly and consistently.

Landmark Students are expected to refrain from talking about or engaging in cheating, using profanity, smoking, gambling, rock and country music, dancing, drinking alcohol and using narcotics.

Students are expected to act in an orderly and respectful manner toward fellow teachers and monitors. Christian standards of courtesy, cheerfulness, kindness, language, morality and honesty are always expected of each young person.

Any marked, defaced or broken school property will be replaced at the offending students expense.

Students may be asked to sign a student conduct contract agreeing to conduct themselves at all times in a manner which becomes Christian character. Griping and complaining can not be tolerated! If your child should come home complaining about some situation at school please do one of the Following:

1st Realize that your child’s account is his or her perception of the situation and may be emotionally biased and not include all of the information. You may reprove your child.
2nd Realize that the school has reasons for all policies and rules and are enforced as impartiality as we possibly can.
3rd CALL THE SCHOOL for other facts.

A Merit System is used to help reinforce satisfactory behaviors and attitudes. Students will earn merits each day, week, etc which will accumulate to earn specific rewards. Rewards may include : special privileges, school store item purchases, Off-Campus lunches, Days Off.
Merits can be earned from : … completing daily goals, memory verses, academic balance, perfect attendance, weekly completed homework, random acts of kindness…..

A Demerit System may be used to talley and record unsatisfactory behavior and the mishandling of responsibilities.
Demerits are earned from : in-complete Daily Assignments, disrespect, scoring violations, paces left at home, arguing, turned around, teasing-name calling, griping/complaining, passing notes, non-participation, profanity ….


The Christian flag should be raised for supervisor guidance in academic difficulties. The American flag is to be raised for assistance in non-academic activities (use restroom, sharpen pencil, etc.). Personal questions should be asked on break-time.

Student Offices / Desks
Offices are assigned and changed only by supervisor, and they must be cared for by the student. Students are not to lean or sit on, offices or dividers. Electrical outlets are for approved school equipment only.

The Goal Card
Is to be kept up to date using only a ink pen. Goal Card is to be placed in the upper right-hand comer of the student's office enabling both the child and the supervisor to easily view the child's daily progress. Each child should set exact page numbers for work done for that day. When work in a subject is completed and scored the child may cross off the goals for that day. It must later be approved by a Staff monitor or teacher.

The “STAR” Progress Chart
Is to be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the student's office in easy view to be a continual reminder of the student's progress. A star is placed on the student's Progress Chart each time he completes a test, this enables the child to see his academic progress.

No stray marks are to be made on either of these materials ($1.00 charge for duplicate Progress Charts).


1. Mark a red "X" or red “Check” on each question number.
2. If PACE has a scoring strip, put a red "X" in the first box of the scoring strip
3. Correct wrong answers in pencil at desk. Put an "X" in the center box of the scoring strip with a pencil.
4. Re-score and circle each red "X" in red when answer is correct.
5. When scoring is completed, put a red "X" in the last box of the
scoring strip.
6. Circle each PACE page number in red when all answers are
correct on the page.
7. Place the correct Grade % at top of each Check-Up.

Score keys are to be handled with care and are for scoring work only. Use only the red pen supplied at scoring station. Red pens are not allowed at the student’s office. Pencils are not allowed at the scoring station. Always replace pens and score keys in proper places.

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